Meti Abebe, Esq. – barred in the State of New York and Washington DC. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Psychological from George Washington University and went on to work at the American Psychological Association as a technical information analyst. She went on to attend law school at Howard University Law School and received her Juris Doctorate in 2004. While in law school, she worked at the Kennedy Center for Human Rights and also travelled abroad to South Africa doing various civil and human rights work. After graduating from law school, she provided support in document production for various firms in the area before transitioning into private practice in 2008.

The Law Office of Meti Abebe, LLC is committed to serve its clients by providing a variety of immigration, family law, contracts and business law services to those in the Washington DC area. The firm is dedicated to keeping abreast of immigration, family law, contracts and business law to help clients meet their goals.